New Moon Reading for July, 2011

It’s the new moon again, so it’s time for my moonly consultation with the Faeries’ Oracle. This moon we have:

Iris of the Rainbows. For those of us having a time of storm and upheaval, maybe watching the world as we know it being torn up by its roots, Iris tells us there’s no point hoping to go back to business as usual. Business as usual wasn’t working so well for us anyway, was it? It’s time to consider building something new, instead of longing for things to “get back to normal”. Given the cards that come later, in this case it’s not our lives but our SELVES that are being uprooted and unmade. This destruction brings opportunity to destroy the boundaries we’ve made for ourselves, to smash our delusions and our self-made obstacles so that we can become . . .

The Journeyman, stepping out of our comfortable but limited existence and ready to walk into the wide world. He seems to be saying two things today. One: it’s time to move forward. It’s time to leave the past behind, and get on the path we want to follow. And, Two: Travel light. Let go of the baggage. We really can just put it down. We can make the decision, today, to release the weight of past mistakes and hurts. It might not be easy or immediate; we might have to make the decision over and over again, but it’s worth it to move toward greater freedom. It’s time to be free of the old bonds and patterns–so if we don’t feel like we can do it on our own, we can turn to friends, trustworthy therapists, energy workers, plant or stone allies . . . support for this time of releasing is available in multiple forms. We would greatly benefit from utilizing that support now.

The Soul Shrinker is the embodiment of our worst selves. The petty, the mean-spirited, the hateful. The one who curses and tears down, the one who finds fault with everything, the one who gets more bitter and dissatisfied with each passing day. This is a face we all wear sometimes, and wearing it hurts ourselves even more than it hurts others.

But Sylvanius holds up an alternative face for us to wear.

What do we see when we look at ourselves? The Soul Shrinker is one reflection. We often find this reflection easy to believe in; we consider the bad news to be more genuine somehow, more authentic and true. I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that for me it’s much easier to believe in the validity of criticism than it is to believe in the validity of compliments. But the cards this morning would like to suggest that the shadows are no more or less real than the light. The complete picture of who we are is complex and maybe even contradictory . . . but that’s good news.

Because it means that Sylvanius’s vision of us is true as well. That the bright face, the good face in the mirror is ALSO our true reflection. We are so afraid to see our true selves, to BE our true selves, because we are afraid that the truths we discover about ourselves will be frightening and horrible. But Sylvanius would like to suggest that our true selves might be better than we think they are. That if we let go of our fears and insecurities, that if we step away from expectations and assumptions, we might find out that we are remarkable in ways we never could have imagined.

And if this is true of ourselves, it is true of others as well.

One way to begin this work of seeing the bright truth is to EXPECT the bright truth. To look for it. “Seek and you will find” isn’t a new piece of wisdom, but it’s certainly a true one. Maybe it’s time to change what we’re looking for.

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just love his work.






2 thoughts on “New Moon Reading for July, 2011

  1. Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow I am getting Spirit Dancer tattooed on my chest! *LOL* I can’t wait, yeah yeah yeah, TMI as usual! *snogs* miss you beautiful!

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