She Says I’m Cute

So um . . . apparently my buddy Cherie thinks I’m cute. So cute that she had to give me this redonkulously cute puppy. Fortunately it’s a virtual puppy and cannot drool or chew on my shoes or poop on my carpet. The best kind of pet is an imaginary one! Yay! So.

It appears that in order to accept this dubious honor, I must share with you five things I have recently watched on the big screen, or the small screen, or things I have read in the last 12 months. It just so happens that this is something I love to do!  (But I have to say, who has only five such things to talk about over the past year? Really? I could give you five a month, easy!)

5. Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This was pretty much exactly what I expected. Johnny Depp being goofy but somehow still incredibly hot, Penelope Cruise being untrustworthy but somehow still incredibly hot, and deadly mermaids. Also, random zombies. I enjoyed it very much.

4. Movie: Bad Teacher. Meh. That is all.

3. TV: True Blood, Season 4, Episodes 1 & 2. (I don’t have a television or cable. Fortunately I have a friend with access to both! Of course, this friend is responsible for creating my TrueBlood addiction in the first place, so I suppose by doing that she took on the responsibility of feeding my craving.) Anyway, Season 4 is off to quite a start. So many unexpected things! So much stake-upping (pun so totally intended)! So much gay, interracial love, and so many breasts! Also, Eric Northman. What’s not to love?

2. Book: The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan. My love for Brennan’s novels is something I broadcast far and wide and frequently. Surrender was the last novel in her Demon’s Lexicon trilogy. It wasn’t my favorite of the trilogy, but I loved it much and devoured it like delicious candy. Read this series! It is made of awesome.

1. Book: Not long ago I was fortunate enough to get my grubby little hands on an advanced review copy of The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff. (For this I have been singing the praises of The Party Pony, but yesterday I learned that her supplying me with this much coveted ARC was really part of a nefarious plot to do unclean things to a meme, and then tag me to participate. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE BOOK, Y’ALL.) Anyway, I completely adored this book. Y’all may remember how I sang the praises of Yovanoff’s debut novel The Replacement. I loved The Space Between just as much. The story was very different, but it had the same melancholy beauty.  The novel even broke some of my “do not do these things or I will be annoyed at you” rules, and I didn’t even care, because the prose was so lovely and the mood was so dark and sweet. When it comes out in November, read it! You will thank me for it.

And now of course I am supposed to tag others. Oi.

Soooooo then . . . . whose got cute? Let’s see . . . I know so MANY cuties, but I must be selective so that my tagees have someone left to tag. So I believe I will go with:

1. Kacimari of Hey, Now. Because she says she is trying to get back in to blogging, and because I figure she’ll do ANYTHING I ASK because I’m giving her feedback on her nearly finished WIP. Also, she is definitely cute.

2. Kellie of Tighty Writie, because I think she is probably too nice to say no. Flat Hair Sisters unite!

3. Riley Redgate of In the Jungle, because she tagged me for a meme very recently.

And since three is a nice number, I’ll stop there! If you want a cute puppy, though, feel free to grab the little guy and share him with the blog world! Who can stop you?


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