Give Me Your Cute Evil Longing to Eat Brains

I fear zombies. No, really, I do. But I was convinced by my writing buddy to read Carrie Ryan’s zombie books, and they were so good I had to read all of them, even though they made me depressed and a little freaked out for days afterwards.

BUT, they also inspired me in the knitting of this:

Meet Ryan the Zombunnie.

I think that Ryan is sort of awesome, but the truth is he kind of freaks me out. This seems unfair to the poor little guy, so it is time to find a new home for Ryan–one where he will be loved and cuddled, or at least displayed proudly.

And since some of my Twitter friends covet him, I thought . . . how about a contest? One that allows me to choose the best home for Ryan? SO I thought and thought, and I have decided that I want to see how creative you all can be. With that in mind, I invite you to:

1. Create something involving some kind of cute fuzzy thing that is also a monster. Think Bunnicula. A Zombunnie. A Frankensquirrel. Whatever you like, so long as it is cute evil. I am too wimpy for ugly evil or really scary evil. Write me a story (under 1,000 words please). Draw me a picture. Make a video with fanged stuffed animals, dress your toddler as the devil and take a picture, write a poem, or a news article–get creative. I will accept all of your cute evil creativity.

2. Post a link to your creation in the comments, OR email it to me at michelle [dot] simkins [at] gmail [dot] com by Monday, July 25. This gives you TWO WEEKS to be brilliant. You do NOT have to have a blog or a website to enter–that’s why I gave the email option.

3. I will choose the top three creationsย (or five, if I get a lot) and post them on the blog on Monday, August 1. Readers will vote for their favorite. (This is mostly an excuse to create a poll, but also gives you guys an opportunity to get your friends to increase your chances of winning the contest. Also will encourage you to direct traffic to my blog. I am unashamed of my selfishness.)

4. The polls will close at midnight on Monday, August 8, and when I wake up I’ll announce the winner.

That is all! Any questions? Feel free to post in comments and I will answer.

I am stupidly excited to see the warped creations of your fevered brains. Go! Create! WIN!


27 thoughts on “Give Me Your Cute Evil Longing to Eat Brains

  1. Oh it’s on now. I can totally provide you with cute evil! It’s my specialty! The only question is what form will it take. Pretty picture, evil toddler, or story. Hmm. Can I write a story to go with my picture?

    1. Well RR, I DO have children so am less susceptible to their charms than some people might be. I have every faith in your ability to come up with something genius.

  2. Cute and scary all rolled into one. Can I just post my head shot?

    LOL. Love your contest. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something, though I lack your inherent creativity.

  3. I love how you didn’t commit to a time. “When I wake up, I will post the winner.” What if Ryan slurps your brain out of your ear during the night and you NEVER wake up! I want a guarantee, please.

    1. There are no guarantees in my life! But I think it is HIGHLY PROBABLE that I will wake up early on Monday, August 1.

      So if you want a guarantee I’m afraid you will have to buy a small appliance or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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