A Farmgirl Interlude

If you can produce (or bottle it, depending on which side of the pond you hail from), as we do, you probably have same problem we have: namely, more used lids/seals than you know what to do with. We’ve been making jams and pickles and tomato sauce and chutney for enough years now that we’ve amassed quite a collection. And even though we use mason jars for things like storing leftover soup, keeping small amounts of broth in the freezer, or makeshift water bottles, we still have way more seals than we can use floating around our kitchen. I hate to throw something so potentially useful away, so . . . what to do with them? I haven’t yet come up with a project that uses them in quantity. HOWEVER.

This spring I was planting seeds and needed to mark my rows with something. I came up with this idea.

This is an incredibly simple DIY project. I just used picture nails to attach the lid to a little piece of wood that was roughly stake-shaped. The hardest part was not hammering my fingers when I was starting the nail pounding.

I used Sharpie to write on my lid. Over the summer the sharpie lettering will fade but that’s okay, it means I can use it again next year. I imagine there are more permanent, durable markers out there, but I was going for cheap, quick and easy. Like me.

I think it’s actually kind of cute, and it’s big enough to not get lost when the plants start to get bigger.

I love creative re-use. It makes me feel all kinds of smart and innovative. I doubt I’m the first person to think of this, but hey, my picture looks kind of cool, right?

What’s your favorite way to re-use?


6 thoughts on “A Farmgirl Interlude

    1. HAHAHA! Flaccid is the most horrible word and is, therefore, a perfect word, for it is exactly like that which it represents. Yuck.

      Um . . . I dunno. Perhaps it is your soil? Or your weather? Or perhaps wicked little critters are feasting upon the life essence of your chard. Perhaps you have Bunnicula in your garden.

  1. I just looked and you’re not following me on twitter…my handle is @NatureHealthJoy. And I just followed you, I didn’t realize I wasn’t following you either!

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