Second New Moon Reading for July, 2011

The New Moon is actually tomorrow, but since I’ll be at Saddle Mountain hugging trees and making s’mores, I’m putting the reading up today.

Two New Moons in the same month is as rare as two Full Moons, but our culture doesn’t seem to make as big a deal of it. Maybe because the New Moon doesn’t put on much of a show. And these days, with so much electric lighting everywhere, we don’t notice as much when the Moon isn’t visible. But energetically the new Moon is a powerful time, a time of beginnings and a time to take a breath, pause, reflect. I’ve said before I’m a complete ignoramus about astrology and the significance of astrological events. But I can’t help feeling it’s a good idea to sit up and pay attention when we get two New Moons in one Calendar month.

So then, what do our Fae friends have to say this moon? Only three cards this time: The Pook, Mickle a Muckle (reversed), and, once again, the Soul Shrinker.

The first reading of the month was heavily focused on our self concept; how we view ourselves, our fears about ourselves, etc. I feel pretty strongly that this reading is about how we view OTHERS, and how we treat them in accordance with our perceptions of them.

The Pook is a walking contradiction. In legends and folklore, The Pook/Pooka/Phouka was an unpredictable creature, a shapeshifter who might dispense wisdom or might take you on a wild ride and dump you in a muddy pond. This Pook shows up to point out paradoxes; situations, things, people that are simultaneously dark and light, happy and sad, ugly and beautiful. He knows that we have a tendency to try to categorize and separate, to say “this one is good, that one is bad”–and that we often do this with people. And this is a mistake. Because people are always both and neither. Disappointed in someone? Could that be, maybe, because you put that person on a pedestal? The Pook wants us to understand that our illusions about people, our either/or assignments, are self-created, and are usually the opposite of helpful. We need each other. Which means we need to let go of our dualistic thinking and learn to recognize the good in the people we don’t like, and to recognize the flaws in the people we want to make heroes of. And most importantly of all, we need to allow compassion to move to the forefront in our dealings with each other. Even when our feelings are hurt. Even when we’re angry.

Mickle a Muckle can help us with this. He’s standing on his head because, he says, we are kind of upside down in the way we’re dealing with each other. He says: “You guys really need to lighten up!” He also says, “You guys need to take some time off and play more.”

We do weird things to ourselves when we grow up. We foolishly start to take ourselves very seriously, and to seriously worry about looking foolish. This, says Mickle, is full-grown stupidity. He suggests that we put aside our preoccupation with image, stop worrying so much about being taken advantage of, and consider taking a more child-like approach to interaction. (Please note that child-like is not the same as childISH. To be child-like is to believe that every person has a gift to offer. To be childISH is to demand that every person give their gifts to YOU. It’s an important distinction.) Mickle says, if we decide to like people, they’ll probably become more likeable.

And we have the Soul Shrinker for the second time this month. Last moon he came to talk to us about how we look at ourselves, how we limit ourselves by seeing only the ugly aspects of who we are. This moon he wants us to consider how we do the same thing to others. It is so easy to find fault, so easy to see what’s wrong. It is much, much harder to look for the good in someone we find unpleasant or abrasive. But the Soul Shrinker knows we find what we look for, and he knows that what we focus on expands (to borrow a phrase from the self-help movement). We’ve all seen this in ourselves: when someone assumes the worst of us, or is overly critical, we often respond by behaving badly. It’s a pretty natural response. But when someone thinks the best of us, gives us positive feedback, we strive to live up to the praise. We shine with the pleasure of approval. What response do you want to elicit in others? The Soul Shrinker says we get to decide what version of someone we want to interact with. We are, all too often, making poor choices.

I see this reading, once again, as choosing between two truths that exist simultaneously. Last moon, the paradox was ourselves. This moon, the paradox is others. Either way, both positive and negative truths coexist, and it is up to us which truth we will focus on.

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just love his work.


4 thoughts on “Second New Moon Reading for July, 2011

  1. This was lovely! And so inspiring. Especially the “soul-shrinking” bit. It’s SO true. That must be why it feels so good to build others up! Your encouraging them to be their very best. I really never thought of it that way, but I like it!!

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