It’s Time to Choose a Home for Ryan!

I knew y’all were creative and funny, but I had NO IDEA how much awesome you are all capable of until I hosted this contest. I got so many wonderful entries, it was almost impossible to narrow it down to the top five. I have no idea how you will possibly choose a winner.

BUT, you must be strong, webbernets. Ryan the Zombunny needs a home, and so a winner must be chosen.

Here are the top five entries, in no particular order. Please vote in the poll: votes left in comments will not be counted.

Justin Holley wrote Complications.

Tracy Jorgensen made a Zombunny and Aydan comic strip.

Riley Redgate wrote a song called Die Day. Be sure to read the lyrics, which are posted under the video. Just click on “show more” to view them.

Cherie wrote and illustrated Beware the Bunny.

And Anita Grace Howard made the silent film Attack of the Bloodsucking Pygmy Goats.

Voters, please be sure to check them all out–they’re all brilliant. The poll is confidential, so your vote is hidden from public view. You need not, therefore, fear hurting anyone’s feelings , and may vote for whichever entry you like best!

You have until the clock strikes midnight on Monday, August 8. (That is, Sunday night/Monday morning, NOT Monday night/Tuesday morning. Time CONFUSES me people. I’m trying to be clear. This is not easy.) When I get up on Monday the 8th I will announce the winner!

If you didn’t make the top five–don’t feel bad. I had a helluva time narrowing this down. And take heart, there may be a different sort of plot bunny up for grabs some time in the future. I just have to decide what SORT of plot bunny . . .


8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Choose a Home for Ryan!

  1. Fabulous job done by all the contestants!
    How in the wide world of sports did you ever narrow it down?? I’m having trouble deciding between the 5 of them! But I think two of them are edging out over the others and… I vote for the Bloodsucking Pygmy Goats. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the opportunity, queenie! Tough competition but I love all of them and I think Ryan the Zombunny is sure to find a good home. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so proud to be counted among these talented peeps. And no matter who Ryan goes home with, it will be a good match! Fun contest, Michelle! And thank you MA for the vote. You’re very nice! πŸ™‚

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