I am a Saucy Blogger

I have been given the Awesome Sauce blog award by the lovely and talented Anita Grace Howard. Her blog is beautiful, AND she recently signed a book deal! So, after you read about this here award, hop on over to A Still and Quiet Madness to enjoy Anita’s great posts, and congratulate her on her success!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank and link to the person who gave me this fabulous piece of work. (Done)

2. Pay it forward to no more than one person per month. Elaborate why said person is deserving of said award.

I had to think long and hard about giving out this award. I know it says I can give one a month, but I know I will not remember to do that, so I will probably only give it once. And so many awesome blogs have received it already! I did some poking around.

I decided to give the award to Lydia Kang of The Word is my Oyster.

There are plenty of reasons Lydia deserves the award, but the biggest in my book is that she was personally helpful to me. She answered one of my medical questions on her Medical Mondays feature. If you are a writer, and you ever have a character who ends up with a medical condition, Lydia is the woman you want to go to for a realistic picture of what that would look like. This is such a great service to us writers, especially because Lydia is also a writer, so she’s able to give answers in terms that a person with no medical training can understand.

Also, she is nice. I approve of nice.

(And in case you were wondering, Lydia, Awesome Sauce goes best with a nice Pinot Noir.)

3. Answer the following questions:

– What is your favorite song currently playing on your iPod, CD player, etc.?

Lately I can’t stop listening to this bluegrass version of “White Wedding” by The Whip. I love how eerie and melancholy it feels.

If we peek into your Internet history, what would we find?

Let’s see: Common names in India, Mayan space travel, flower bloom times, and lots of word definitions.

-And lastly, what is your all-time favorite movie that you watch over and over again?

I love movies, and there are several that I watch obsessively. When I can’t sleep, I watch a Harry Potter movie–for five minutes, then I am snoring. BUT, the movie that I watch over and over and actually stay awake for most is probably The Nightmare Before Christmas. The first few minutes alone are made of awesome.

Also, it’s great knitting background music.

So, there it is! Thank you again, Anita, for the award and for generally being a delightful web buddy! And Lydia, I hope you like your award.


8 thoughts on “I am a Saucy Blogger

  1. Yay! Yes, you are saucy and fabulous both. VERY worthy of this award! As is Lydia, so congrats to her, too. 🙂

    LOVED your answers. About your Mayan space travel searches, is this for a book or just personal interest? Either way, I’m intrigued! And omigosh, that’s a lovely rendition of White Wedding. Who’da thunk it could ever be bluegrassified? And I share in your Tim Burton love. LOVE Nightmare and also Corpse Bride, though sometimes I think the hero should’ve ended up with the beautifully morbid ghost. 🙂

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