New Moon Reading for August 2011

Another new moon is upon us, and it’s time for a Faeries’ Oracle reading. I’m wondering how you all have felt about the readings this year. Is it something you think should continue next year?

The cards I pulled this moon were G. Hobyah, Tobaira of the Waters (reversed), She of the Cruach (reversed), Iris of the Rainbows, and Penelope Dreamweaver (reversed).

G. Hobyah is the monster under the bed, the bogey man in the closet, the thing that goes bump in the night. He is, in other words, our anxiety when faced with the unknown, magnified by our overactive imaginations and deep mistrust of the things we don’t understand. He appears to us as a reminder that the things we fear are rarely as dreadful as we expect them to be. He says, “You spend so much time worrying about what might go wrong that you never get out of bed and turn on the light.” He also thinks maybe our fears are just excuses not to act. He wishes we would stop blaming our lack of progress on him.

Tobaira of the Waters turns up reversed when we are resisting the flow of our lives. She says, change comes. We can’t prevent it. We can’t dam up the river of our lives; the water moves. We have two choices: flow with it, or fight the current, wear ourselves out, bruise ourselves on the rocks, and still end up getting dragged downstream in the end. We are going where we are going; we needn’t make it harder on ourselves than it has to be. And she says, she’s here with G. Hobyah because the place we are heading is NOT the nightmare we fear it might be. If we would just relax, just trust the water to carry us, we would see that the journey is the one we need to take, and that the destination is exactly where we need to be.

She of the Cruach is the energy of the divine feminine: loving, giving, nurturing. The cup holds all we need to nourish our souls, and mother god holds it out to us always. But we can, like children, turn our faces away. We can put our hands over the cup, close our lips, refuse to open up and receive. She of the Cruach asks, “Do you feel that you are not receiving what you need? Do you feel cut off from the flow of life’s gifts? If you do, please consider the ways in which you are not allowing yourself to be fed.” When we feel that there are not enough blessings to go around, when we refuse the help of others because we don’t want to inconvenience them, when we forget to count our blessings and, especially, when we allow our fears to keep us from reaching out, we cut ourselves off from the flow. The good news is that it is in our power to open our hearts to blessings once again. We can still ask, open, and receive.

Iris of the Rainbows came up in our first July New Moon Reading, too, reminding us that the time to create a new future is now. She is back this month, holding out her hand and saying, “Well? Have you begun yet? Or are you still letting fear and worry hold you back?” She’s giving us that look. And I don’t think there’s much more to say on the subject of Iris, other than we should probably take her advice before another moon passes.

And finally, we have Penelope Dreamweaver, reversed. Penelope is the bringer of inspiration, and she speaks to us through our dreams, our daydreams, the random thoughts and ideas that come to us in moments of idleness or when our minds are wandering. She says she has brought us the ideas, the inspiration, for what we need to create, but we haven’t acted on it, or maybe we are not giving it our best. She wants us to know that inspiration is a big gift–one it would be a shame to waste. She says that waiting for the perfect time and the perfect life is utter foolishness; it’s up to us to make right here, right now the perfection we’re looking for. She says: “We’re waiting for you to come out and play. What are you waiting for?”

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just love his work.


4 thoughts on “New Moon Reading for August 2011

  1. You know, I’ve never heard of somebody giving a public tarot reading like this (To be perfectly honest, I thought you were referencing “New Moon” the book, and I got curious as to what brought this up, and I’m happily surprised). This is a fantastic idea, and you’ve got some really inspirational words of advice in this reading. Kudos to you.

  2. I look forward to your readings, I lile to see the connections between the beautiful cards and your inspired intuitive words.
    As long as it feels good for you and does not become a duty, then I would appreciate you carrying on.
    and big hugs for all the previous readings.

  3. I have only read 2 of your Faerie oracles and I feel that you have a real gift, I really like them and would love it if you would keep doing them…. : )

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