Well Aren’t You Just God’s Gift?

Every six weeks I attend a sort of meditation/vision/journeying circle, where the group works with various stones or crystals. Usually everyone holds the same variety of stone. We sit in a quiet, dim room together and hold the stone, and allow our instincts to guide us through the visioning process. I don’t typically blog about these journeys because they are usually intensely personal.

While I won’t share all of last night’s journey here, one part of my journey felt universally applicable.

At one point I saw an image that I associated with sacrifice. It was a loving, willing sacrifice, and it was beautiful even though it was permeated with sorrow. As I experienced this energy, I had a moment of dread in which I thought “What am I going to be asked to give up?” What I heard in response I realized was not just a message for myself, but for all of you.

This is what I need to tell you all:

The question is not what you will give up, it is what you will offer up. The only difference between an offering and a sacrifice is the amount of love and joy in the giving. Expressing the passion that lies at the core of your being is the opposite of selfish: it’s the epitome of generosity. Your gifts are not just gifts to you; they are gifts to the entire world. Your gifts are god’s way of loving the world through you. The continual honing of those gifts is an act of service.

Hoping that the world will allow you to carve out stolen moments to indulge in your guilty pleasure is not a useful way to think about your gifts. Begging for crumbs to feed your passion is not a useful way to exercise your gifts. Just as you are privileged to have opportunities to engage in the act of self-expression, the world is privileged to receive the fruits of your self-expression,

In other words: You are, in fact, god’s gift. Deal with it.


11 thoughts on “Well Aren’t You Just God’s Gift?

  1. Ohhh… I just love that. I have long believed that sacrifice implies duty, drudgery and something someone is not really willing to do. Offerings, especially, skills and talents that we love to exercise are much more beautiful ways of contributing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a beautiful reminder of what we should be focusing on. I have been down on myself a bit today feeling like my blog isn’t up to par and maybe I need this kick in the pants.

  3. First, let me just say you have one of the most interesting blogs I’ve chosen to follow. I never know what’s coming next and find I like that very much.
    Secondly, thank you for sharing this. It was timely to me and I needed to hear it.
    And last, I would love to be a member of a group like yours. I have lost touch with the energy work I used to do and even my meditation has fallen off. I appreciate your willingness to share this experience and you have reminded me to honor such things. Thanks for that, too.

  4. What an amazing revelation. I love it. Thanks for that post, Michelle. I feel like God has given me this writing gift for a reason. I don’t know if anything monetary will ever come of it, but I know I’ve found a community of friends from it and for that I am grateful.

  5. Yes, yes I am! I am going to throw off my pants and run about in the streets and share my idiocy with the dour workers of the world…oh, perhaps not. But I love your post, Greenie. Very inspiring, and you are even kooler than I imagined with all your meditating and stones and stuffs! Can I meditate, too? I will have to learn to sit still.

  6. I knew I would love what you had to say, Michelle. This so hits home for me. I know these moments you have with your group are personal, and I thank you for sharing this with us. You, girl, are amazing.

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