The Winners of the Heart Giveaway!

Well, here it is: the real, true, fat-lady-has-sung END of The Summer of Bloggerly Love. Nothing left but to give out the prizes. So, drumroll please!

For her story of love and loss, the winner of the pink heart is E.F. Jace.

For sharing the history of her love affair with artwork, the winner of the orange heart is Chelsea Rose.

And for her sweet, silly, romantic proposal story, the winner of the magenta heart is Steph Kayne.

Congratulations ladies! Send me an email with your addresses, and I’ll get the hearts in the mail to you next week. This was fun! Thanks to everyone who entered, and was brave enough to share a personal story with Martha Mouse and me.



5 thoughts on “The Winners of the Heart Giveaway!

  1. Omg, thank you so, so much!! I’ll admit, it was really hard writing that and even harder to proof-read lol. I’m glad to know it touched someone else as well, thank you again 🙂

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