What I’ve Learned from Banned Books Week

Before I begin with MY thoughts on Banned Books Week, I would like it very much if you all would visit my friend Cat Woods’ blog and read her wonderful post on the “Secret agenda of banned books week”. I’ll give you a hint. It is, at least in part, about the gay. Then you can come back here. I’ll wait.

Okay! So, I want to share with you something I have learned from banned books week.

Homosexuality is TERRIFYING and SINISTER.

Those gay people, they really have an AGENDA. They want to TAKE OVER THE WORLD with their lasciviousness and perversion. And they want to recruit our precious, heterosexual babies–who would NEVER, EVER be gay without being talked into it. Just like they would NEVER want to have sex if it wasn’t for dirty books (but that’s another post).

I should warn you, what you are about to see is SHOCKING and IMMORAL, and you will never be able to purge your mind of the filth. I show it to you only to help you see how deeply depraved those liberal haters of traditional family values at the American Library Association really are. This is an image–only one of many–from the book that was the MOST frequently challenged book of 2010. Please only continue reading if you are prepared for a shock.

Here, then, is the wickedness of the gay agenda, as aided and abetted by the publishing industry and the ALA.

Gay Penguins at the Zoo. Clearly agents of evil.

Oh, won’t someone PLEASE think of the children.


6 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Banned Books Week

  1. Awww that sounds like an adorable book! lol and you know I totally only clicked over here from Twitter because you said “shocking piece of gay perversion” haha… so what does that say about me? 🙂

  2. Gay-bashing seems to be this week’s theme. I just had opportunity to remind an old friend (?) of reasons we were not actually friends, even back then (i.e., his objection to my liberal views –live and let live … ooohh, subversive! — and my objection to his desire to impose his narrow-minded will on others, along with the unmitigated arrogance to speak as if he were the voice of God, and his sincere desire to become a proud member of the global enforce-and-punishment police. I reminded him of the “mote and beam” thingie — you know, that pesky little part of the Bible that clearly expresses that we need to mind our own business, become inwardly directed, and work on perfecting our own souls before we try to whip anyone else into shape. It was like talking to a developmentally disabled Vulcan.

  3. Have they banned those awful penguins from the zoo or at the very least put one of those “caution” banners across their exhibit. I mean it is based on a TRUE LIFE family of penguins. Or it is just the printed word they are against? Geeze. People are silly.

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