New Moon Reading for September 2011

This New Moon I pulled three cards: The Green Woman, The Dark Lady, and The Faerie Who Was Kissed by the Pixies.

The Green Woman is partner to the Green Man, the spirit of wild nature. She is one of the wilder faces of the divine feminine, a creature of untamed magic. She reminds that we are creatures, too, and have a creatures needs–a need to change rhythms with changing seasons. If we can move more fully with the natural rhythms, we will have less stress and more tranquility. She says, harvest is only half of the picture of autumn’s purpose. Remember that nature sows her seeds in the fall, as the fruit and nuts fall to earth to rest in the dark and rain, waiting for the right time to germinate. We, too, can use this time to plant seeds within ourselves–the beginnings of new things, which need time and quiet and dark before they can sprout.

The Dark Lady adds that growth sometimes comes from turning inward. She says, don’t be afraid to be alone with yourself, to look into your own shadows. This is how you discover the ways you want to change and grow, the new seeds you want to plant in your life. We are going into the dark, and we can dread and fear the winter, or we can value it as a time to dig deeper. We’re approaching a time for meditation and private ceremony, for journal keeping and being quiet with ourselves. This is a natural, healthy process, and we can trust it. We’ll benefit from it either way, but we’ll enjoy it more if we don’t fight it.

The Faerie Who was Kissed by the Pixies would like you to remember that taking time for your inner work is one of the ways you love yourself and others. Taking care of yourself makes you stronger and happier, and better able to care for others. She says it’s okay to ask for what you need from those you love–AND to accept their gift of time and understanding with gratitude and happiness. And she reminds us to speak our needs before we are desperate. “In other words,” she says, “Tell them what you need before you get to the point of not being able to ask nicely.” Extra hugs, kisses, and cookies don’t hurt either.

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just love his work.


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