Friday Flora: with Fauna

As promised, I have lots of pictures for you today! I took a little walk yesterday up my gravel road, and I had company!

The Squog followed me for the first half of the walk. As you see, she’s just beginning to get her winter coat. She will be much fluffier by December.

I love the contrast between the blackberry canes and leaves. I want a dress the color of the thorns. Is that weird?

Look at that FORM. The berries and the leaves . . . I want to make a knitting motif from this somehow. Also I think I want some of these bushes in my yard. I wonder what they are? I wonder if they would eat my yard?

It was a great day for colors and textures. Those lichens have pink and green and black and brown .  . . my favorite thing about living in a place where it rains for 2/3 of the year is all the moss and lichens and fungus. So much color and texture and freaky cool stuff to look at. And photograph. And bore the pants off people talking about.

And SPEAKING of color and texture . . . I didn’t set this picture up, I just found it. I want to EAT IT. It looks delicous. (I told you I have weird sensory confusion. Here we go again. Don’t you think those colors would taste good? I do.)

Holly is the coolest. Just sayin’.

And THIS. This, my friends, is Bittersweet Nightshade (a.k.a. Blue Bindweed, a.ka. Woody Nightshade, a.k.a. Solanum dulcamara). It’s somewhat toxic, though it is used by experienced herbalists. I don’t use it, but I do admire it. A lot.

And how could I NOT admire it? look at the colors and shapes. It’s so graceful, it’s like something out of a wonderful story book.

Fantastic. And finally, at the end of my walk, I surprised this lovely lady:

Apologies for terrible picture quality, I was pretty far away and don’t have fancy zoomy lenses. But you can tell how pretty she is even with the blur, don’t you think?


16 thoughts on “Friday Flora: with Fauna

  1. Oh, so pretty! Love the colors, too. I think the fam and I are going to drive up by the mountains to look at leaves. Fall is my favorite season. It’s just beautiful and splendid and cool.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

  2. Looked like a lovely walk. The white berry bush is called Snowberry (Symphoricarpos). It grows wild on my folks’ property. It should do well in your yard and won’t take over.

  3. Michelle, a little thank you: I’ve been going through a terrible time recently. I was dumped very suddenly by my beloved partner of 18 years, for the worst of reasons, and then my best friend died, totally unexpectedly. I am drowning in grief, and feeling isolated in the midst of friends, because I have lost the two people who knew and understood me the best. I just wanted to let you know that your blog (especially the Friday Flora stuff), has been one of only a few things that has been bringing some real light into the darkness that currently surrounds me. Unlike most people, who think I am a bit odd, you notice and are fascinated by the same things in nature that I notice and am fascinated by. You take exactly the same sorts of photos I take, and your intelligent, emotionally alive words almost always manage to make me smile, too. Thank you so much for being out there (in both senses of the words), and please don’t stop. : )

  4. I love those red berries! They are so pretty…I love how the stem bends down and the red is SO vivid..very cool. That cat looks pretty huge. My boy is big, but I think yours is bigger. Not that I have Feline envy or anything…;) HAHAHA!

  5. OMSQUEEE, look at all the gorgeous fall colors! And you’re so not weird for wanting a dress that lush burgundy shade. *drools* BTW, kitty is so pretty! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pics. I WANT to live in your yard. Yes, I do.

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