Seven is the Number

The beautiful, talented, and sparkling Cherie has bestowed another dubious honor upon this humble blog. It is the 7 X 7 award, and it has stars.

Now I must be all self-absorbed and subject you to my opinion on my own posts. This feels a bit strange to me, like I’m one of those annoying people who shows random strangers pictures of her grandchildren. But I would do just about anything within the limits of the law for Cherie, so here goes!

1. Most Beautiful Post–well, that’s awfully subjective. But I guess if I have to pick one, it would be the story I posted in February, Visitation.

2. Most Popular Post is EASY. It’s Five Fictional Friends I Wouldn’t Let Near My Kids. This post is the one that was retweeted by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan (two of my biggest author crushes!). It got all kinds of hits. For a few hours I was on the list of fastest growing WordPress blogs. Apparently all you have to do to increase blog traffic is write a post combining Jace Wayland, Nick Ryves, and Damon Salvatore. Mmmm-hmmmm. Tweeting about it helps.

3. Most controversial–I don’t know, I try to avoid controversy on the blog! BUT, I can give you the post that people seemed to have the most mixed feelings about–and that is the Evil Panty Meme. Many love it. And many fear it. Both responses feel appropriate to me.

4. Most Helpful Post . . . this is a tough one. I am a very helpful person! So I write many posts that are helpful in my mind! But judging by my stats page, the most helpful post has been the one that lists the ingredients in Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer. It also has a quote from Remo Williams, the Adventure Begins. (An unfortunate title choice, as it turned out Remo only had one cinematic adventure. But Chiun will live forever in my memory as being awesome.)

5. Most Surprisingly Successful was my rant on being a badass homemaker. I was expecting to get some flak for it, but I mostly got a whole lot of support from my awesome blogging buddies.

6. Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved or Most Underrated. This one is hard to answer. I mean . . . if a post didn’t get much attention, is it egotistical for me to say it really deserved to? So let me instead link you to a post that I wish had generated more interest: Green Writing, A New Service for YOU.

7. The Post I Am Most Proud Of: I think that’d have to be this one about sucking. I feel like I said what I really meant to say successfully–and that’s hard to do sometimes. Also, I get to go back and read it myself when I’m tempted to diss my writing.

As for tagging . . . I just can’t do it. I don’t have the heart. I want my blog friends to keep loving me. You want it? You deserve it! Go for it! And leave me a linkie in the comments so I can see yours.


2 thoughts on “Seven is the Number

  1. I am working on my 7 x 7 right now, and feeling frantic that others have finished theirs first! So I need your post about sucking more than ever. And isn’t it funny that I never even read your MOST popular post? See, these linky things work and direct us to more gems.

  2. Brilliant! I knew there were important posts I needed to read. You’ve been blogging a looong time before I ever set foot in the blogging world, so I’m glad I get to read the ones I missed.

    Thanks for doing this. And you are too sweet. Love yah, queenie!

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