Friday Flora: A Good Day for Mushrooms

I took a nice walk this morning–and it seems it’s a good day for mushrooms.

Or, more likely, every day in Oregon is a good day for mushrooms, and I’m just noticing them more today. I know NOTHING about mushrooms, except that they are strange and wonderful and very photogenic. Lookit that little parasol looking thing! So cute.

Squat little thing.

Do you eat it, or play golf with it?

Hobbit House


Nom nom nom.


Remember these guys back in the spring? I love the colors they are turning.

I love their fringy, frilly leaves.

And fantastic shapes.

The blackberries continue to look awesome.

And ladybugs continue to follow me everywhere.

How’s fall (or spring) in your neck of the woods?


10 thoughts on “Friday Flora: A Good Day for Mushrooms

  1. Love your photos! My family is always so fascinated by mushrooms. This past summer, we found one that was just like a smurf house–little, red-capped with white polka dots. No kidding.

  2. Fall? What is this fall of which you speak?

    I think fall came for 4 days, decided it didn’t like this area and took off for parts unknown.

    mid-80’s this weekend with warm temps through next week.

  3. Thanks for these. I’ve been trying to figure out why Beatrix Potter was so fascinating with fungi — she painted something like 400 of them — and now I think it must have started because they have such personality! The honey locust trees are beautiful. Someone with the gardener’s eye planted them there.

  4. Love mushrooms! Great pics.
    I’ve had snow already a couple of weeks ago (melted, thankfully.) The leaves are all vibrant yellow and orange right now. I’m loving the cooler temperatures.

  5. In the middle of Europe, suddenly it has become very cold in the nights, it starts freezing slightly. A high area is bringing cold air from Scandinavia down to us. In the morning, there is a lot of fog, but the sun is melting it away and in the sunshine from the pure blue sky the air is warm and soft again. The trees show the same colours as yours, and this typical fall odour in the air – I love it!
    Next week, there will be more rain, and temperatures will rise again in the nights. I keep my plant tubs still outside, the fuchsias and roses don’t mind a little cold. I wait till middle or end of November before I take them inside the house.

  6. OMG, you’re my hero. Don’t you know how much i love mushrooms, being an Alice in Wonderland aficionado? And those locust trees are gorgeous. Thanks for the pics, and for making me envious of your neck of the woods, as you always do. πŸ™‚

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