Friday Flora: Deep and Wide

We’re transitioning from this:

To this:

But we still have plenty of this:

And this:

And these:

Sweet little mushrooms! I think I’m becoming obsessed with mushrooms.

This colony is like a little village clinging to the edge of a mountain. So cute!

Not really related to mushrooms, but I was thinking on my walk (as I often do). Today I was thinking about depth of engagement with place. About how I wander the same few miles over and over again and always find something worth taking a picture of, worth telling you all about.

And I was also thinking about broad connections. Lately some events in my life have thrust me into a wider spectrum of experiences and involvement, and I’m finding myself heading into the city more, connecting with new people, doing new things. It’s delightful and fascinating and it makes my head spin a little. After all, I’ve spent the last 8 years or so living a life of relative quiet and isolation. But I’m enjoying having my world stretched a little bit. It’s good for me.

I love it that I can go into the city and have all this interaction and stimulation, and feel connected to more people and part of a larger community  . . . and then come home and spend my morning on my knees beside the road taking a million pictures of teeny little mushrooms on a tree stump. I love that my either-or concepts are once again getting challenged. I love that there is room to connect to bigger and bigger things, and still room to connect more and more deeply to the tiny pocket of the world that I occupy.

I love it that life is both deep and wide.

Now I need to change, because the knees of my jeans are muddy.


6 thoughts on “Friday Flora: Deep and Wide

  1. Lovely! What are the things with the bright pink stems and pretty berries? They look like something from another planet. The mushrooms are awesome.

    1. Meg, that’s Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana). It’s a big beautiful weed with big beautiful (but potentially poisonous) medicine. It sprouts up out of cracks in the concrete behind our house and gets HUGE!

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