New Moon Reading for November 2011

Today’s reading resonates particularly strongly for me–everything the faeries have to say applies so strongly to my current state it’s a little eerie. So, I hope this reading is for everyone and not just for me!

The cards that came up today were Geeeeeooo the Slooow, The Fairy Godmother (reversed), Epona’s Wild Daughter, The Friends, and The Piper (reversed)

Geeeeeooo the Slooow would like to ask us: “Where’s the fire?” In other words, why are we in such a HURRY all the time? He thinks maybe we’re rushing everywhere so we don’t have to think too hard, or pay too much attention. He thinks maybe we would benefit from sitting down for a minute and having a good think. He would like us all to just stop right now and pay attention please.

The Fairy Godmother could also be called grace. She is the unexpected, unearned gift. She comes to us reversed to ask us, do we feel like we never receive the blessings that we need and want? Do we feel cut off from the flow of grace? She would like to suggest that the solution to this feeling is to become agents of grace ourselves. To give to others simply because we can; to increase the amount of unasked for blessings that circulate in the universe. She reminds us that the more we give, the more is available to all. And as we tap into the energy of generosity and grace, we open ourselves to receive it as well as give it. She also asks; are our hearts open? When we are offered a gift, do we accept it graciously? Do we have our hands open, or are we so focused on our feelings of lack that we can’t see what we’re being offered? The magic of participating in grace is that we cannot exclude ourselves from the flow of blessings. Once we engage the energy of grace, we are in it, and surprising things happen.

Epona’s Wild Daughter comes to us when we are stuck, to tell us that we will never move forward until we face the thing buried inside us that holds us back. Her presence indicates that facing this troubled place is a high priority right now; that circumstances are coming to a head, and we need to deal with our crap. This kind of sucks: it means that we have to really look at the parts of ourselves that we aren’t proud of. It means we have to listen to the nightmares, we have to engage with our ugly places. Not fun. On the other hand, we are pinioning ourselves with our fear of looking at the truth. There is no way to flow harmoniously through life if we are at war with ourselves. There is no way to live fully and joyfully if we are bound up in our insecurities and resisting what is. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to do it alone. Fortunately for us, there is grace. Fortunately for us, there is friendship. And most fortunately for us, when we willingly engage in a process of self discovery, the universe steps in to help us, and the answers come to us in flashes of insight, in our dreams, in stories and songs and the words of strangers. But we have to take that first step of looking in the mirror, shining the flashlight into the dark closet, opening that box labeled “Danger”. Epona’s Wild Daughter says it’s time to get started.

The Friends are here to shed some more light on this subject. You can see in the image how one friend holds the other up, but the one who is held has the light-up tail. Working together they can discover more than they ever would alone. It’s time, they say, to think communally. To recognize everyone’s need for support; to accept that no person is truly and entirely independent. We all need others. This goes two ways: we must be willing to accept support, and willing to offer it. Continuing to refuse help because we are ashamed of needing help is not going to serve us going forward. Continuing to look down on others for needing help is not going to serve us going forward. Finding a way for everyone to receive what he or she needs is the only way we will get to a better place. Good friends help us to see the truth of who we are, and help us to embrace our whole selves. Once again, if we feel there is no one to provide this service for us, we might ask ourselves if we are open to receiving, and if we are open to giving the same service to others. It is hard, uncomfortable work. It requires courage and enormous compassion.

The Piper reminds us that the best way to get what we need is to use gentleness. He comes to us reversed in this reading, as a reminder that grasping and clutching lead to breaking and losing. This is the second reminder in this reading that we can cut off our access to blessings by clenching our hearts and fists. The Piper suggests we look at our needs as shy creatures, and consider how we might call them to us rather than chasing them down. Open our hands. Open our hearts. Offer our song to the universe, and see what responds. The Piper would also like to remind us that this gentle approach applies to ourselves as well as to others. Are we willing to treat ourselves with gentleness? Can we accept ourselves with tenderness? Can we be friends with ourselves? Being friends with ourselves doesn’t mean we think we are perfect. It means we view ourselves–flawed, limited, broken–with compassion and love. It means recognizing how we are perfect in our imperfection (as a friend of mine often says). When we let go of that grasping energy, when we let go of our resistance to what is real, the universe opens to us. When we stop trying to force ourselves into a shape that is not our own, we discover the beauty of who we already are. That’s when life really gets good.

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just love his work.


2 thoughts on “New Moon Reading for November 2011

  1. Oh my goodness, once again the new moon reading has been very eye opening and poignant for me, I was just about to ask on my blog for some positive thought from the blogisphere and having second thoughts about doing so, I am about to challenge a man who conned me out of 50 grand just after my husband passed six years ago, it has taken this long for the lawyers to sort it out, as he has not been co-operative, naturally.
    So now having read your new moon reading I will ask for help, and feel good about it!

  2. Once again, thank you for doing this so faithfully. This reading is very helpful, in fact it is extremely appropriate for my family right now. I have sent the link to your blog on to other family members so they can benefit from it, too.

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