Lan Su Chinese Garden Part 5: The Plants

At long last, I am finishing up the Lan Su Chinese Garden posts, with the part we gardeners and plant lovers are most excited about–the plants. In early January, there obviously wasn’t a lot of lush greenery, but there were so many fascinating shapes and some amazing colors. For example:

After a Google search, I’m pretty sure these orange fruits are Persimmons. That color is fantastic. And they looked like orange balloons floating on the tree:

Somehow they remind me of the Dirigible Plums in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie (part one of course).

There were vines everywhere. I love the way the leaves on the one above look.

Fuzzy buds! In January!

Another vine on a wall. I have a thing about vines on walls.

Especially when they have little yellow fruits or buds or something on them (you can tell I have a strong grasp on botany).

Little miniature landscapes in dishes brought green into unexpected corners.

And I’m not sure what those things in the picture above are, but I want one of these plants in my yard.

So there it is, everyone. I can’t wait to go back and see the place in warmer weather.

(P.S. I took all these pics with my iPhone! Now I have a camera wherever I go. Be afraid–be very afraid.)


3 thoughts on “Lan Su Chinese Garden Part 5: The Plants

  1. The plant in your last picture is an Edgewarthia, also known as a Chinese Paper Bush. It’s a relative of Daphnes, so once it opens its yellow clusters (or sometimes orange) the fragrance is heavenly! Yes, everyone needs one of these in their gardens – they are wonderful! In my experience, they grow quickly too, which makes them even more gratifying! : )

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