Full Moon, and International Women’s Day

It’s the full moon. It’s also International Women’s Day.

The Altar

My observance was simple. There’s so much on my mind, so much about how our society as a whole does not honor realistic womanhood . . . and I could say it all, and maybe tomorrow or the next day I will. But today I just want to be grateful that I am a woman, and that I know many dynamic and delightful women. And also, I want to be grateful that I know men who respect women as whole people.

Smoke Carries

And I wanted to let the smoke carry my prayer into the ether. I’m praying for the rift between men and women to be healed. I’m praying for each person to be honored for who they are. I’m praying for all of us to be whole.


And most of all I am remembering the tenet “As within, so without.” If I, as a woman, desire that women be respected and have their accomplishments acknowledged . . . if I desire for women to be valued? Then I have to value women. Including myself.

To all the women in my life, thank you for being real, amazing, challenging, and fierce. And thank you for believing in me.


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