Don’t Forget to Stop and Hug the Oak Tree

Saturday I took a notebook and a pen outside. My plan was to sit under the oak by my workshop and write a to-do list for the week. I sat down with my back to the tree trunk. The Squog joined me. I looked up.

Sometimes Looking Up Makes Me Dizzy

I kind of forgot about my to-do list, at least for a little while.

I realized that I look out the window of my little workshop at this tree all the time when I’m making product for the Etsy shop, and that I always feel like the tree is sort of watching over me while I work, some kind of guardian spirit or maybe just a friend. But I’d never, before Saturday, just spent time sitting under the tree.

Stunning Sky

I put my notebook down, watched the clouds move, and gave the Squog some pets. She was extraordinarily filthy and, therefore, extraordinarily happy. She chattered at the Scrub Jay that landed on a branch above us for a while, but didn’t bother to chase it. She definitely approved of my choice to drop the pen for a while.

I thought about the roots of the tree extending down and outward from the trunk, sort of a mirror of the branches above–this is one of my favorite visualizations, being inside the circle of a tree, feeling simultaneously rooted and connected to the heavens. It’s even better in the company of an actual, growing tree. Especially when the weather is pretty much perfect and I’m ignoring my to-do list.

Pausing and paying attention is something I don’t do enough of these days. I’m working on that.

And yes, I totally hugged the tree before I went inside.


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