Flower Watching: New Growth

It’s been a while since we did some flower watching. And right now there is a lot to watch in the garden.

Color, Color, Color

Did you ever notice how new growth does amazing things with color? Like the brilliant shade of the new leaves on that Spirea in the photo above. Or this:

Variegated Red Osier Dogwood

That wonderful rusty orange fades to pale yellow or almost white on the mature leaves. And this! Oh this:

Pink Poppy

The pink poppies are always stunning, but that incredible red-magenta-purple vein thing is only visible at this stage, when the bud has barely cracked open. Of course the mature blossom has this–


Velvety almost-black in the middle, and ruffles that look like crepe paper. The blooms don’t last very long, but while they’re here I can’t get enough.

And oh the Campanula/Bellflower:

I didn’t manipulate the color in this photo

Normally these flowers are just a solid shade of deep purple, but the light hit this cluster just right to give it the effect you see above. Delicious.


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