One of the first things that caught my eye when I arrived at the beach was this:

The Whole Thing

A tree, washed up on the beach. The whole thing–well, what was left of the whole thing.


I’m not sure why this was so exciting to me, but it was. Of course the only thing to do was take a lot of pictures. Maybe I was fascinated because trees and seaweed aren’t often found together.

And Closer Still

Or maybe because the root mass had such a fantastic shape. From this angle it would make a gnarly, undulating seat: a perfect throne for an amphibious mermaid.


Though viewed from the side, the roots looked like something that might creep up on the unsuspecting in The Dark Crystal.


Staggering to think of how strong the waves are, to haul an entire tree onto the beach.

Another View of Roots

The little smooth stones trapped in the roots were my favorite bit. Especially because the roots had so many delicious shades of orangey-red and gold to contrast with the dull gray stones.




Is it time to go back to the beach yet?


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