Still Surprising After All These Years

I went for a walk yesterday evening, and the air was layered with sweet smells. Roses–both wild and tame–and clover, and something else I couldn’t identify. The sun came out (very briefly) and lit everything up, and the leaves were waving in a barely-there breeze, and for the duration of my walk life was utterly perfect.

I found myself captivated by these delicate blossoms. Can you guess what they are?


Wild Blackberries. Blackberries are in the Rosaceae or rose family, and it’s easy to tell from looking at these blossoms. They look an awful lot like pale pink wild roses.

The Bees Like Them Too

Blackberries are considered an invasive species in my part of Oregon, but I love them. They might get out of control, but they give so much. Food for bees and birds, shelter for small creatures, and of course food and medicine for people too.

Also Good for the Soul

Yesterday the medicine they offered was spirit medicine. The sight of the flowers being visited by the bees delighted me. But there was also a gentle reminder that the plants don’t only exist for human consumption. They exist for the birds and the bees and the earth itself–and the question of “what is it good for” has broader answers than the ones we humans tend to come up with. Invasive species, too, move in for a reason, and have a lot to teach us.

I’ve always paid more attention to the fruits of the Blackberry–and the thorns, which are hard to ignore–than to the flowers. I love the way my corner of the world keeps re-capturing my attention over and over, and after a decade here I can still be surprised by the things I find. Motivation to live a good long time, don’t you think?


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