This is my favorite time of day:

When the sun is almost down, and the trees are black silhouettes against the sky.

I love the liminal times, the changing light, the shifting energy. Even the most awful days have moments like this, moments when you realize it’s almost over, and something different is coming in.

For a few moments the shapes of things are clear and sharp, and my mind is clear and sharp, and the unseen feels very near.

It’s the best time to really see–in more ways than one.


4 thoughts on “Clear

  1. Sunset and sunrise are my favorite times of day, too. But I’m more likely to catch a sunset than a sunrise, though. Dragging my butt out of bed so early in the morning is tough!

    But I love sunrise for photography. It lends an interesting color to most of the photos–it’s as if some sort of purple or bluish filter has been put on the lens and everything is colored more intensely and it’s sooo pretty!

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