Forest Grove Farmers Market, Summer 2012

I try to get to the local farmer’s market at least a couple times a month while it’s open. It’s a good market–small, but heavily focused on locally raised food, including bison meat, eggs (from ducks, chickens, and quail) and of course loads of produce. The market is managed by Adelante Mujeres: an organization “working to educate and empower low-income Latina women and families.” They do good work, so there’s even more incentive to support the market.

A few weeks ago the weather was so beautiful, and the light was so nice, I found myself spending all my time taking pictures. I had to go through the market twice–once for photos, and once to shop.

Tiny Market on Main Street
Locally Grown Perennials
Sexy Root Vegetables
Pretty Pretty Flowers
Love the Colors of this Booth
Tomatoes Looks Like They Have Light Bulbs Inside
Purple Onions

One thought on “Forest Grove Farmers Market, Summer 2012

  1. So pretty! I love the colors of fresh veggies. And, of course, flowers, lol. Nice pics! I’m getting hungry looking at them. I should probably have breakfast, since I haven’t eaten yet today. 😉

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