And Then There Was That Time My Life Exploded

So . . . it’s been almost four months since I posted here. I dropped the ball on the blogvel. I feel a little sheepish about stepping back in.

But I do believe separating from my partner, moving to the city from the country, getting a room mate, and acquiring a full time job is a pretty good excuse for a blog hiatus. I have missed it terribly thought, and it’s gooooood to think of starting up again.

Of course after a change like that, the blog is going to be a little different. I’m still deciding just HOW different, but in the mean time . . . the year is almost over, and I want to tie up some loose ends.

SO, tomorrow I’m going to post the final chapter of Bloom. And soon–probably New Year’s Day, but I make no promises–I’ll let you all know what will be changing and how I’m going to go forward. But I still get a few days to make up my mind.



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Michelle Simkins is a writer, artisan, and witch living and creating in Portland, Oregon View all posts by Michelle

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