And Then There Was That Time My Life Exploded

So . . . it’s been almost four months since I posted here. I dropped the ball on the blogvel. I feel a little sheepish about stepping back in.

But I do believe separating from my partner, moving to the city from the country, getting a room mate, and acquiring a full time job is a pretty good excuse for a blog hiatus. I have missed it terribly thought, and it’s gooooood to think of starting up again.

Of course after a change like that, the blog is going to be a little different. I’m still deciding just HOW different, but in the mean time . . . the year is almost over, and I want to tie up some loose ends.

SO, tomorrow I’m going to post the final chapter of Bloom. And soon–probably New Year’s Day, but I make no promises–I’ll let you all know what will be changing and how I’m going to go forward. But I still get a few days to make up my mind.




11 thoughts on “And Then There Was That Time My Life Exploded

  1. Oh, you did it too? Split from a partner, moved away, made some big life changes? Congrats! It’s scary, can sometimes be heartbreaking, but is also strangely empowering. Especially if, like me, you’re taking back some major control in your life. It’s the reason I also took a hiatus from my blog, but I’m just getting back into it as well. Welcome back!

    1. Kristin–Hear hear! It’s simultaneously horrible and wonderful, but very right. Here’s to doing something great now that we’re holding the reins again.

  2. My, you took a big leap from the precipise, and off you went……………scarey and excillerating, but had to be done, well done, many blessing will come your way im sure, HAppy New Year. CC.

  3. Yep, blogging is good. Glad to see you back.

    I had a couple month hiatus myself when I had serious techno issues. But now I’m blogging again. I’m going back to work long haul trucking this month, so keeping up the blogging will be tricky. But it’s an outlet, so I plan to keep at it.

    Good luck!

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