Going Away, Coming Back

I took a little trip down to Eugene this weekend to visit some friends I hadn’t seen in a few years. My trip mostly consisted of eating and talking, with some movie watching thrown in. But my friends’ apartment complex had a nice little trail running around its edges and meeting up with a city trail, so I took a nice walk.

river eugene 2

I’m pretty sure that there is the Willamette River, if I’m reading the map right.

river eugene 1

I even got  a little sunshine–probably twenty minutes worth. It was nice to look at different trees and water than I usually get to look at. It’s always good to see friends, and to step out of my usual context for a few days.

When I shuffled through the door of my apartment with my bags this afternoon I felt a profound sense of comfort, and I realized I actually felt like I was coming home. It always takes a while, after moving to a new place, to achieve that feeling of home; it was a nice surprise to wrap up a lovely weekend.

You know you’re in a good place when one of the nicest parts of going away is getting to come back.


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