Oceanside, and a Public Service Announcement.

So it appears that excitement in general doesn’t agree with me–or at least it doesn’t agree with the blog. While the events of the past two months have been equal parts wonderful and horrible, they have been 100% . . . intense. Which is bad for blogging, when you are me. I have a short attention span. But most of y’all knew that.

ANYWAY! I have lots to show-and-tell you all. IF I can get myself to settle down and blog a little more consistently–and I am making no promises. I have good intentions. But my life is full of all these . . . EVENTS. It’s absurd. I keep telling the universe I have a blog to update but the universe seems to think I have more important things to do. AS IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE.

My first show-and-tell actually happened two weeks ago. I accompanied one of my most significant distractions (She knows who she is.) (She will also hopefully not be offended by being referred to as a distraction.) to Oceanside for a weekend at the beach. It was the best weekend I’ve had in . . . I don’t want to think about it. Of course I took pictures on the beach. Because that’s what I do.

The View from our Cabin
The View from our Cabin

The weather was blustery and damp–just what you’d expect–but we got just enough of a mild spell for a good walk on the beach.

Tim Burton Tree
Tim Burton Tree

That tree looks like it’s going to crawl down the hill to the water, I swear.

Beautiful Barnacles
Beautiful Barnacles


Shimmery Shell
Oooh, Shiny!

Oooh, aaaaaah.

It's alive!!!!
It’s alive!!!!

Guess what this stuff is living on? Can you figure it out from the closeup? Here:

Portable Reef?
Portable Reef?

These days, even ocean life is available to go. Okay that’s an awful joke–and seriously, I was as saddened by the pitcher hosting a colony of frizzly things as I was fascinated. (No, “frizzly things” is not the botanical name. I’m not even sure they’re plants. My knowledge of ocean life is pathetically limited.) And now that things were living on the thing, I didn’t want to pick it up and put it in the garbage. What’s a hippie pagan to do? I left it. The wee creature in the shell was still alive, and the waves were coming in to take him or her back out. I’m trying not to lose sleep over it but y’all know it isn’t easy.

DON’T LITTER PEOPLE. Didn’t you go to kindergarten? That concludes my Public Service Announcement for the day.


2 thoughts on “Oceanside, and a Public Service Announcement.

  1. These pictures are wonderful. I especially love the Tim Burton tree~

    Are you familiar with man-made reefs? Sometimes, ships, sculptures and other sorts of equipment that can’t be used anymore is sunk to the bottom of a shallow area and used as the basis of a reef bed– essentially recycling it, for lack of a better term.

    As much as littering sucks (and the environment really can’t keep up with all the crap we throw at it), it’s kind of incredible to see how nature takes what we throw away and repurposes it into something it can use.

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