Beautiful Barnacles

My sweetie and I can’t get enough of the beach. We took a day trip to Oceanside last Sunday–and it was actually sunny, much to our surprise. This meant we could stay on the beach for hours–long enough to get a sunburn–and explore the tiny tidepools and rock formations. And I found a new obsession.


Those are BARNACLES. These reptilian, alien looking creatures are a variety of gooseneck barnacle, latin name Pollicipes polymerus. Aren’t they just . . . freakishly amazing?


In the picture above they’re socializing with  what I think are acorn barnacles. I was so fascinated with the gooseneck variety I didn’t scrutinize the others quite as closely. And here:


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but that narrow cave extended under the cliff a long way, and the whole thing was full of barnacles. Surreal.

Of course these were all closed up tight, since it was low tide–but there’s a beautiful picture of open gooseneck barnacles here. Seriously, go see it–they look even more alien when they open.


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