M is for Moonstone: Pagan Blog Project 2013

I’ve talked before about the days after I left the church, and how I felt a little lost for a while before I found a path that worked for me.

During that drifting time, I happened upon a metaphysical book/gift store somewhat by accident. I don’t remember the name of the store, or what part of town it was in. I just remember stepping through the door feeling anxious and discombobulated (a common emotional state during that part of my life). I stopped as the door shut behind me, startled by the wave of relief that rolled over me. The atmosphere in the store was so tranquil, I had to just pause and breathe for a moment. It was like some part of my brain was saying “here it is, finally!”. There were a lot of those moments as I fumbled for a new kind of meaning, moments of feeling like I was recovering something lost rather than discovering something new. I didn’t really look at any of the books in the shop: I wasn’t quite brave enough yet. But I realized I’d found a source of information when I was ready for it.

That day I was looking for earrings, and I found some. But I also found a table covered in little bowls full of tumbled stones. One bowl of stones seemed unassuming at first–milky white or pale gray–but as I moved past the table the light caught the stones and I saw the flashes of blue in their depths. I couldn’t stop looking at them–they seemed almost animate. The little card in the dish read “Moonstone”. I picked one up and rolled it over my palm, enjoying the cool, smooth feeling on my skin.

I’d always been one of those kids who picks up rocks on the beach or off the side of the road. But I’d never really met a stone that seemed sentient the way these moonstones did. I bought one and took it home. I carried it in my pocket for days, kept it on my nightstand at night. I only knew I wanted it near me. I didn’t really understand why.

You could say moonstone was my gateway stone.

Years later, moonstone is still a favorite. I love to wear moonstone on days when I feel kind of meh; it reminds me that the mystery is always close, even when I feel like the whole world is dreary and dull. I still think it’s one of the best stones for connecting to the otherworld, to dreams and visions and intuition. I find it helpful for people who struggle to trust their intuition. Moonstone is gentle and friendly, but I find its effects to be very deep and thorough. It’s also beautiful, fairly inexpensive, and readily available, making it an excellent stone for people who are new to working with stone energies


3 thoughts on “M is for Moonstone: Pagan Blog Project 2013

  1. “Gateway stone” – what a great way to describe that first rock that sparks the passion! Mine was a fist-sized chunk of rough rose quartz from a new age/hippy shop on the north Queensland coast when I was about 20.

  2. if I remember correctly (and it’s been a really really long time, lol), my gateway stone was hematite.. also from a new age/hippy store I stumbled upon. Moonstone, however, has been my favorite stone for more years than I can count as one showed up in my life quite at a time of crossroads (it is set in a chunky ring that is now always on my person).

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