N is for New Moon: Pagan Blog Project 2013

New moons are easier for me than full moons. I get the new moon–it’s a time for starting new things, for beginnings. I’m really good at beginnings. I’m good at endings, too; it’s middles I struggle with. Just ask my writing buddy.

I said I don’t do much magic, but I do like to harness new moon energy to start projects. I feel like it gives me a little boost and also a feeling that I’m starting something that matters, even if it’s just a cleaning project. Lately I’ve been wondering if I can’t somehow work with the moon cycles to help me with follow through and continuity as well as stopping and starting. I think it might be especially useful for the writing process: writing new words as the moon waxes, revising as the moon wanes. It’s an idea I might experiment with for a project I’m working on.

But is that enough? I’m a strong believer in spirituality as separate from and different than magic, and using new moon energy to add oomph to new projects seems more magical than spiritual to me. In this process of re-evaluating the way I do things, I wonder if there isn’t a different way to observe this time.

I’ve started observing full moons with gratitude and offerings to Brighid, and it feels very right and good. So what would be a fitting way to observe the new moon? Of course the offerings to Brighid are always a good idea, and I’ll include them in my ceremony. And maybe that’s the point of these biweekly check-ins. To give honor to the spirits we work with is a fine purpose in and of itself, and maybe I’m making my life more difficult than it needs to be. I’m good at that too.

Of course the new moon is a good occasion for making vows and promises to the gods, but my life usually isn’t exciting enough to require that kind of action. Thank the gods.


One thought on “N is for New Moon: Pagan Blog Project 2013

  1. I appreciate your dilemma. For me the half moon is a very powerful time. It reminds me of BALANCE. And that is something I have been less good at – so for me checking in at the half moons is very valuable. And then the tiny curve of a fingernail moon moves me – it seems so fragile, so much of a cusp (at either end), so tender. As for spirituality…. I find that to stand or sit with the moon shining on my skin, stare into her pure light and just commune, is the purest kind of spiritual practise. It does something to me that nothing else can.

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