Nature Therapy: Pictures from Forest Park

After nearly a year, my new life is settling into a rhythm–one that includes daily walks and daily writing time once again. The two have always been intertwined for me, walking in nature and creating. Slowly, I’m getting back my walking legs–and my creative flow.

woodland magic 2

And I’ve met some new friends: I’ve told you about Hemlock, of course, but there’s also the fiery orange blossoms of Jewelweed (above).

woodland magic 3

Just last week I came upon these white berries that look, I swear, like mini marshmallows.

woodland magic 1

I love moss. This is another mossy thing that looks like some kind of creature from mythology–or maybe outer space. I swear those branches are going to start waving, tentacle style, any second.

woodland magic 6Working for someone else again has been hard to get used to. It’s not more work than I was doing before–but it’s different work, and it’s working with other people, which is challenging for me. I like people, but I’m an introvert, and social interaction saps my energy. Of course I appreciate having a job, and as day jobs go this one is pretty good. And WOW do I love getting a paycheck twice a month. Still, every day by the time I get to the woods I’m tired, and brain fried, and agitated.

woodland magic 7

But after 30 minutes or so in the cool shade, the rough spots are smoothed out and I feel more settled and calm. And inspired. I feel incredibly blessed to live in a city that makes publicly accessible green spaces a priority.  Nature therapy to the rescue.


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