More Forest Park

The woods are exciting this time of year: summer heat is still holding strong, but I can see the subtle shifts everywhere. For example:

more forest park 1


more forest park 4

I can’t get enough of those speckled berries. They belong to False Solomon’s Seal, and I am in love with them. The ripe ones are wonderful too, but the spotted not-quite-ripe beauties are like candy or beads or fancy party balloons.

more forest park 2

Maidenhair ferns are another sight I can’t get enough of. I love their unusual, spirally growth pattern. Ferns and moss have always been magical to me.

more forest park 3

Moss, with part of a Maple seed caught in its fuzzy little fronds. Fabulous. I hope you guys like pictures of the woods, because you’ll probably be getting a lot of them in the near future.


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