R is for Rowan: Pagan Blog Project 2013

Rowans are trees in the Sorbus family, including Sorbus americana, or American Mountain Ash.

R is for Rowan 4

Magically, they’re very protective, and are also used for healing and strengthening of psychic abilities.

R is for Rowan 2

I’ve never really had the privilege of working with Rowan before; but there are some in my neighborhood now, and earlier this week I went to make their acquaintance.

R is for Rowan 1

And by “make their acquaintance,” I of course mean “take lots of pictures”.

R is for Rowan 5

(Can you see the spiderweb???)

R is for Rowan 6

What I sensed about these particular Rowans was a protective loyalty to the house they were planted near. It made me wonder if the property owner knew what he or she was doing.

R is for Rowan 7

Rowan is number one on the list of trees I’d like to get to know. Taking pictures is just a start.


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