October in Forest Park

Sunny days are all well and good, but my favorite weather is a little windy, a little rainy, and a little cool. Which means today was perfect.

forest park october

Of course, this being Oregon and all, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. There were so many people on the trail! Most of them runners.

forest park october 2

I don’t get running as a general principle. But I REALLY don’t get why people run in the woods. I can barely WALK in the woods, there’s so much to see. Why bother going to the forest if it’s just going to be a green blur as you run past?

forest park october 6

I’m pretty type A. I tend to get anxious about getting things done. The woods is the one place where I almost can’t hurry; that’s probably why it’s so good for me.

forest park october 7

Fortunately the path here was wide enough for all the runners to pass me while I meandered and took pictures.

forest park october 9

I got rained on some, but I didn’t mind.

forest park october 8

I was just happy to be back in the woods. It’s getting dark too early for me to take my after work walk in the woods–I have to settle for the sidewalks around my office building. Which are very nice, and have lovely trees, so it’s not so bad now that the weather is cooling off.

forest park october 10

But I need regular forest time to stay reasonably sane.

forest park october 11

It’s better for everyone if I get it, really.

forest park october 12


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