Y is for Yarrow: Pagan Blog Project 2013

I first met Yarrow when I worked in a flower shop during the summers while I was in high school. It has become one of my favorite herbs. Delicate in appearance but easy to grow and extremely hardy, it’s a very useful plant for metaphysical purposes.

Y is for Yarrow 1

Yarrow is an herb of love and happiness, with folklore tying it to marriage ceremonies, and is known as a cleansing and purifying herb.

Another of Yarrow’s uses is as a tea to open psychic perceptions. There are many plants used for this purpose, and all of them operate differently. Where Wormwood or Mugwort are powerful aids to intuition and visions, they can be harsh (and Wormwood especially shouldn’t be used by the novice herbalist). Yarrow works much more gently than many of the third eye opening plants, and is a good plant for the beginning journeyer.

Y is for Yarrow 2

And Yarrow brings with it’s psychic magic a strong energy of courage and love. When doing vision work, our own attitudes and fears shape our experiences. It seems like having an ally who gives us love and courage would help us to create a positive experience as we learn about navigating the world of dreams and visions.


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