Happy Holidays from the Oregon Coast

Since this is our first Christmas/Solstice/Yule together, my sweetie and I decided to take off for the beach. She got me a new, lovely camera (with all the necessary accessories!), so I had to go try it out on the beach. Of course I didn’t get to any of the fancy things yet: I just used auto settings like on my old camera. But I think the results were very nice.

beach christmas 10

It’s impossible to visit Oceanside without taking some pictures of the Three Arch Rocks. Or in this case, several pictures from different vantage points . . . like through the blackberries in the parking lot.

beach christmas 12

Or through the bushes across the street.

beach christmas 6

Or through the opening of the tunnel that passed under the cliff near our cabins. And speaking of the tunnel, one section has holes bored through the concrete reinforcement to let light in. It was fun peeking through those and taking pictures of the water. And another big rock.

beach christmas 7

Y’all know how I feel about rocks.

beach christmas 9

And more rocks.

beach christmas 5

And a few more.

beach christmas 2

beach christmas 3

Also, shells. Even the broken ones are beautiful.

beach christmas 1

The colors always make me happy.

This means, of course, that most of our holiday celebrating and gift giving is done for the year, except family dinner on Christmas day and some new years carousing with friends. I hope everyone had a beautiful, joyous Solstice.


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