Fine Tuning

On New Year’s Eve I went for a walk and did a lot of thinking. Mind you, I always do a lot of thinking when I walk. But this thinking had to do with this blog, and how some changes coming up are going to affect it. This really does seem to happen every December, doesn’t it?

New Year's Eve 4

This time the shift is huge in some ways, and almost unnoticeable in others. Y’all know I was laid off in early December. Since I found out I would be laid off–way back in late October–I’ve been mulling over my choices. And in December I decided to take this time off work to pursue something new. The blog has been quiet because I’ve been researching the ins and outs of freelance writing as a business. I’ve been building a website, assembling a collection of writing samples, and working with a designer on a logo for business cards. This falls under the huge shift category for me.

New Year's Eve 3

At the same time, I’ve started revamping my old knitting patterns to make them more attractive and easy to read. I’ll be moving all patterns to a new Etsy shop by the end of the month. I plan to keep my old Etsy shop open for readings and reiki sessions. I don’t sell a tremendous number of either, but every once in a while someone needs those services, and I want them to be available when that happens. So this change is small–more fine tuning than anything. But here is where questions about this blog become an issue.

New Year's Eve

The Greenwoman blog has been through a lot of changes over the years. I’ve attempted to leave it behind several times, but I’ve always come back. So this year as I was pondering what to do with the blog, I didn’t even entertain the notion of giving it up. This is my spot to work things out, to talk about whatever is on my mind and to foist my obsessions on others. Also, I park all my favorite photos here.

New Year's Eve 2In the end I decided to create a website for my writing, where I will also blog about green living, DIY and the handmade world. And I decided to set up a blog for the new Etsy shop where I’ll talk about knitting and other arts and crafts, give shop updates, and maybe highlight other artists and artisans whose work I admire. Both sites are still under construction, so they’ll change a lot in the coming weeks; but there are a few blog posts up with more coming soon.

And this blog? This blog will continue to be the place where I don’t have to be consistent or thematic, where I can share whatever is on my mind or on my camera. Posts will probably continue to be erratic–except I did get a fancy new camera, so who knows how many more pictures I’m about to start taking?


One thought on “Fine Tuning

  1. OMG the woman tree made me drop my pencil! since yer startin’ new stuff you could maybe sell a few of your fabulous photos, like the woman tree, and I remember some mushroom pic last year that gave me the same shaky breathless feeling. just cause, ya know. xoxo

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