At Eye Level

I took these pictures of tree bark and lichens during my first walk after being sick in bed for a week.

Tree Texture 4

I was tired and loopy, and really only capable of seeing things at eye level.

Tree Texture 5

I took these pictures across the street from a school where all the students were being picked up by their parents. I wonder how many of them looked across the street at the strangely dressed lady with the camera lens three inches from a random tree.

Tree Texture 3

At least I wasn’t TALKING to the tree this time. I don’t think.

Tree Texture 2

But I can’t be sure. Everything was still a little fuzzy that day.

Tree Texture 1

My vision was even a little weird: it was, in fact, an awful lot like the way the macro setting on my camera works. A few things were in sharp, almost too intense focus. Everything else was kind of a blur. It’s kind of amazing that I didn’t get hit by a car when I was crossing the street. Good thing my neighborhood is pretty quiet.


3 thoughts on “At Eye Level

  1. Glad I’m not the only “crazy” one! There’s this one tree I always pass by on my walks and I’m developing a bit of a relationship with it. I hug it and talk to it and give it offerings from my water bottle. This is right on the side of a busy road, so I’m sure all the people driving by wonder what the hell I’m doing!

  2. Stunning color saturation and details. I am not at all surprised that one of the first things you would be drawn to as you recover is tree spirit energy. May you regain complete health with haste. I am glad you are not road kill. 😉

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