Apologies and Blog Renovation. (Also a Pretty Flower.)

To everyone who subscribes to my blog via email, reads it on Facebook or follows me on Twitter: my sincere apologies for Saturday’s flood of reblogged posts. I’ve been experimenting with various methods of consolidating and distributing my content. Sadly, I didn’t realize that when I reblogged old posts, WordPress would send notifications everywhere as if I was writing new posts. I promise it won’t happen again.

Speaking of experimenting, if you visit this blog in your web browser, you will notice some significant visual changes. WordPress discontinued the theme I’ve been using for the past several years. They didn’t force me to change themes, but since I needed to do some work on the blog anyway it seemed like a good time to select a more current theme. The appearance may change a few more times as I figure out how I want it to look.

The theme isn’t the only change. I’m updating categories to make navigating the blog easier. I’ve deleted some old posts that seem irrelevent or trivial, because–let’s be honest–this blog has gotten pretty huge and a little cluttered.

When I finish updating the categories and reviewing posts, I’m going to review all of my links and remove any blogs that haven’t been updated in the past six months. I’ll update link categories, too, to make everything easier to find.

As a reward for your patience, here is a tiny flower. Happy Spring!

Tiny Daisies

Tiny Daisies

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