Solar Goddess Knitted Art Doll Giveaway

It’s been ages since I made any of my goddess art dolls! But I feel like I’ve come through the worst of the upheaval and transition, and I have more time and energy for creative pursuits. Which means that I’m once again accepting orders for custom goddess dolls on Etsy. And so much has changed since the last time I offered custom goddesses! Etsy now allows sellers to create listings with multiple price points for different options–so you can order a goddess with a simple or elaborate design. I’ve set up several options, but of course you can always contact me if you’re in need of something special.

I’m so happy about getting back to making goddesses that I decided to do a giveaway. And since it’s almost the Summer Solstice, it seems fitting to give away my Solar Goddess. She’s one of my favorite goddesses ever, but I’ve always known I didn’t make her for myself, so the time has come to find her a home.

solar goddess giveaway

She’s knitted from wool yarn in heathered yellow, with a sun hand-embroidered in rust and goldenrod cotton thread. She’s stuffed with clean wool scraps and a silk pouch containing Rosemary, Hawthorn leaves and flowers, and Western Red Cedar. Many modern witches associate all three herbs with fire–very appropriate for a goddess of the sun.

I’ve set up the raffle on the Greenwoman Studio Facebook Page. The giveaway opens at noon on Monday, June 16, and ends at noon on Friday the 20th. There are multiple ways to enter, so you can increase your odds if you’re feeling competitive.

Edited to add: I’ll announce the winner on the blog Saturday Morning.

Sorry, contest is only open to residents of The United States and Canada. And please be aware goddess art dolls are not suitable for children.

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