Sometimes Magic Has the Last Word

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Magic Has the Last Word

  1. This post was way encouraging for me. Since my eyes went bad I have felt particularly at loose ends, helpless, and useless. I wonder why I am still taking space and using resources on the planet, so lately I have been asking the Oracle. (I use the faerie cards, and a magnifying glass) which comes back to realizing that the magic of the universe does supply what is needed even, or especially when we don’t understand. Thanks.

  2. What spoke to me most about this experience, Michelle, is how your garden protected you. Life seems to surround us with extra protection during times of momentous change, even when we are unaware that the change is coming. I remember being in a very unsatisfactory marriage, but did not have any intention of ending it. One evening I was driving into the sunset on my way home from work. As I looked it, I was overcome with knowing that my life would soon change dramatically tho I did not know how or why. Your garden moment reminded me of my sunset moment. What a wonderful gift it gave you that day.

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